NBA 2k14 PC版官方賽季名單–(2013.10.29)

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K has released a new roster for NBA 2K14 just a moment before the the 2013–14 NBA season has officially started. The opening night update includes the Suns-Wizards trade, newly added as well as waived players and some insignificant changes in players ratings. Please note that all NBA injuries will reflect in the roster from now on.

Unfortunately, 13 players are still on the wrong team and 25 players (mostly newly-signed) remain missing.

Updated playing positions
– Paul George (Indiana Pacers) from SG to SF. +1 in overall rating [88 to 89]
– C.J. Miles (Cleveland Cavaliers) from SF to SG [71]
– Tony Wroten (Philadelphia 76ers) from SG to PG. -5 in overall rating [68 to 63]

Implemented trades and transactions
– Marcin Gortat from Phoenix Suns to the Washington Wizards
– Emeka Okafor from Wizards to the Phoenix Suns
– Jamaal Tinsley has been added to the Utah Jazz roster
– Gani Lawal has been added to the Sixers roster. However, he was already waived.

Moved to Free Agents (Waived)
– Shannon Brown from Phoenix Suns
– Marcus Camby from Houston Rockets (Injury)
– Malcolm Lee from Phoenix Suns
– Royce White from Philadelphia 76ers
– Jeremy Tyler from New York Knicks
– Kendall Marshall from Phoenix Suns


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