NBA 2k14 PC版官方賽季名單–(2013.11.02)

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2K Sports continues to struggle to keep up with the latest trades and signings in the league. It’s newest roster update for NBA 2K14 still has a lot of missing players, 24 in total to be exact.

The Bucks & Magic courts were updated to latest specs, 2 players recovered from injury and 1 player received rating upgrades. No new players were added.

New content
– Updated courts of the Milwaukee Bucks and the Orlando Magic

Player ratings
– After an impressive performance against the Heat, Michael Carter-Williams’ rating increases 4 points to 73 OVR, and he also received lots of attributes upgrade.
+5 Medium [71]
+10 3-points [70]
+3 Pass [83]
+5 Steal [82]
+4 Offensive Awareness [74]
+5 Defensive Awareness [76]
+15 Hustle [71]
+4 Potential [89]

Player Injuries
Cavs: Andrew Bynum [86] – Recovered
Rockets: Terrence Jones [64] – Recovered


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