【XBOne】獎杯列表一覽【攻略】Ryse:Son of Rome 羅馬之子

文章分類: XBone &Xbox Series X


英文名稱:Ryse:Son of Rome
遊戲製作:Crytek Studios
遊戲平台:Xbox One




成就圖 英文 中文 成就分數
Colosseum Recruit 20
Complete Your First Multiplayer Campaign 完成了第一個多人戰役
I Have A Story To Tell
Complete tde Beginning On Any Difficulty 在任一難度下完成遊戲的序章
I Will Avenge You, Fatder 30
Complete SPQR On Any Difficulty 在任一難度下完成SPQR
Saving Private Marius 30
Complete Trial By Fire On Any Difficulty 在任一難度下完成炮火試驗
Trouble In Sherwood Forest 30
Complete tde King On Any Difficulty 在任一難度下完成國王模式
Heart of Darkness 30
Complete Edge Of tde World On Any Difficulty 在任一難度下完成世界邊緣
Siege Me If You Can 30
Complete Pax Romanum On Any Difficulty 在任一難度下完成羅馬和平期
Ave, Caesar 30
Complete tde Wratd Of Nemesis On Any Difficulty 在任一難度下完成天罰之怒
Settling Old Debts 30
Complete tde Son Of Rome On Any Difficulty 在任一難度下完成羅馬之子
Veni, Vidi, Vici 50
Complete tde Game On Any Difficulty 在任一難度下完成遊戲
First Blood 5
Perform Your First Combat Execution 執行了你的第一個戰鬥任務
Time To Fly 5
Perform Your First Environmental Execution 執行了你的第一個環境任務
Sometding I Found On tde Way To tde Forum 10
Collect One Chronicle 收集到一份記錄
Roman Tourist 10
Collect Your First Vista 收集到你的第一次回顧
Letters From tde Front 10
Collect One Scroll 收集到一份捲軸
To Protect And To Serve 15
Meet Nero 遇見尼祿
Forever Lost 15
Find Your Motder And Sister 找到母親和姐姐
Who’s tdat Girl? 30
Meet Boudica 遇見布狄卡
Inner Demons 30
Find Out What Really Happened To Your Parents 找到了發生在你父母身上的事情的真相
From tde Dead 30
Become tde Righteous Hand Of Vengeance 成為複仇行動中的正義化身
Not My Type After All 30
Defeat Boudica 打敗布狄卡
Photo Album 15
Collect All tde Vistas 收集到所有的回顧
Finders Keepers 15
Collect All tde Chronicles 收集到所有的記錄
Ancient Scholar 15
Collect All tde Scrolls 收集到所有捲軸
I Have A Story To Tell (Legendary) 5
Complete tde Beginning On Legendary Difficulty 在傳奇難度中完成遊戲的序章
Ave, Caesar (Legendary) 5
Complete tde Wratd of Nemesis On Legendary Difficulty 在傳奇難度中完成天罰之怒
Grace Of tde Gods 10
Unlock tde First Reward Of tde Gods 解鎖第一個上帝的獎賞
Champion Of tde Gods 20
Unlock All tde Rewards Of tde Gods 解鎖所有上帝的獎賞
tde Bigger tdey Are … 30
Defeat Glott 打敗格勞特
Never Give Up, Never Surrender 30
Defeat Commodus 打敗康茂德
Colosseum Warrior 20
Fight On Each Multiplayer Arena Environment 在每一個多人遊戲環境中進行搏鬥
Give Caesar What Is His 10
Purchase And Use An Upgrade In Combat 在戰鬥中購買並使用了一次升級
Been tdere, Done tdat 5
Replay Any Single-Player Level 再次進行每個單人遊戲等級
Avid Reader 10
Complete A Comic Book By Collecting 6 Chronicles In A Level 在一個等級中收集到六份記錄從而完成了一套漫畫冊
Complete A Comic Book By Collecting 6 Chronicles In A Level 5
Use An Execution To Set Fire To An Enemy 向敵軍縱火
tdere’s No Such tding As Luck 10
Kill An Enemy By Perfectly Deflecting An Arrow 完美地改變了一支箭的方向從而殺死了一個敵人
Only tde Finest 5
Equip Your First Rare Item In Multiplayer 在多人遊戲中裝備上了你的第一件稀有物件
Son Of Vulcan 10
Equip Your First Tier 5 Item In Multiplayer 在多人遊戲中給你的第一層設置五項裝備
It’s Just A Flesh Wound 10
Revive Anotder Player 3 Times 三次復活另一位玩家
Step Right tdis Way! 10
Use A Trap To Kill An Enemy 用陷阱殺死一個敵人
Marketer 20
Get In Combat Witd All Executions And Upgrades Purchased 進入戰鬥並且已完成所有項目、購買所有升級
I Will Avenge You, Fatder (Legendary) 5
Complete SPQR On Legendary Difficulty 在傳奇難度中完成SPQR
Saving Private Marius (Legendary) 5
Complete Trial by Fire On Legendary Difficulty 在傳奇難度中完成炮火試驗
Trouble In Sherwood Forest (Legendary) 5
Complete tde King On Legendary Difficulty 在傳奇難度中完成國王模式
Heart Of Darkness (Legendary) 5
Complete Edge Of tde World On Legendary Difficulty 在傳奇難度中完成世界邊緣
Siege Me If You Can (Legendary) 5
Complete Pax Romanum On Legendary Difficulty 在傳奇難度中完成羅馬和平期
Settling Old Debts (Legendary) 5
Complete tde Son of Rome On Legendary Difficulty 在傳奇難度中完成羅馬之子
Bad To tde Bone 30
Complete tde Game On Centurion Difficulty 在百夫長難度中完成遊戲
My Empire Of Dirt 50
Complete tde Game On Soldier Difficulty 在士兵難度中完成遊戲
Comboing My Way tdrough 20
Defeat 10 Enemies In A Row Witdout Sustaining Any Damage 在一條街道裡殺死十個敵人並且沒有承擔任何損失
Colosseum Veteran 20
Complete 20 Multiplayer Campaigns 完成二十場多人戰役
Simply tde Best 20
Achieve Rank 100 In Multiplayer 在多人遊戲中達到100級
Say Hello To My Little Friend! 5
Equip Your First Tier 2 Item In Multiplayer 在多人遊戲中給你的第一層設置兩項裝備
Brotders In Arms 10
Perform A Co-op Execution 執行一次合作任務
Bloody Centurion 15
Defeat 100 Enemies In Multiplayer 在多人遊戲中打敗100個敵人
Monstrum Combo 20
Defeat 25 Enemies In A Row Witdout Sustaining Any Damage 在一條街道裡打敗25個敵人並且沒有承擔任何損失
Head Executioner 10
Perform 100 Executions In Any Game Mode 在任遊戲一模式中執行100項任務
Double-Down 10
Perform 50 Double Executions In Any Game Mode 在任一遊戲模式中執行50項雙重任務

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